Close Quarter Protection is about trust, total commitment, absolute confidentiality and the professional ability and expertise to carry out the assignment without compromising the well being of our clients and their business affairs.

The function of the Protection Officer is to provide a discrete but visible close escort for clients. We will escort you, when required, and remain in very close proximity, physically protecting you from any situation that may be deemed harmful to your personal well being, and evacuating you immediately to a safer environment until the situation is either resolved or neutralised.

Sometimes clients require a more covert approach where security is not obvious, but they have piece of mind that there back is being watched. Our services have even been used to discreetly transport high value items.

We can provide full risk assessments and advise you on what level of security you require, whether it is, a single protection officer, security driver or a full security team. This can also be coupled with Surveillance and static security to take complete care of all levels of threat to you or your premises.

Whether you require Overt or Covert security, with Respondi’s quality of personnel, you can be at complete ease.